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“Sportivo Luqueño: We always aim to win important things. The people are very passionate. There is a lot of demand and we have to prepare ourselves for that because the whole city supports us. We are always looking for the team to have that identity of wanting to be a protagonist.”

A life dedicated to football


Born in San José de los Arroyos, Paraguay on October 5th.



Cáceres' first club was Primera División de Paraguay club, Olimpia, where he helped the club become Paraguayan champions multiple times in his career.


In his first year at the club he helped the team become Champions of the Apertura Tournament and the Clausura Tournament.

In 2002 he became champion of the Libertadores Cup with Club Olimpia.

In 2003, he became a champion again, by winning the Recopa Sudamericana with Olimpia.

Olimpia Football Club

Debuts on Parguay's first division tournament. Won the Libertadores Cup 2002.


In 2004, he signed for French Ligue 1 club Nantes, going over to the prestiged european football. Caceres initially joined Nantes on a one-year provisional transfer issued by FIFA.

He made his league debut on 14 August 2004 in a 1–1 draw with Bastia.

F.C. Nantes

Debuts on France's first division tournament, Ligue 1


In 2005, he signed for Brazil's First Division team Club Atlético de Mineiro.

He played 20 matches with the team, scoring 3 goals. He played 4 international matches and 3 Cup matches.

Club Atlético de Mineiro

Debuts on Brazil's first division tournament


In early 2006, he signed for Argentina's First Division team Club Atlético de River Plate.

Club Atlético de River Plate

Debuts on Argnetina's first division tournament


Later on, in 2006, he signed for Spain's First Division team Club Gimnastic de Tarragona, going back to the european football.

Club Gimnastic de Tarragona

Debuts on Spain's first division tournament, La Liga

2006-2007 | 2007-2008

In late 2006, he signed for Mexico's First Division team Tigres de la UANL.

Club Tigres de la UANL

Debuts on Mexico's first division tournament


In early 2008, he signed for Argentina's First Division team Club Atlético de Boca Juniors.

In 2008, he became, for the second time, champion of the Recopa Sudamericana. He also helped the team become Champions of the First Division's Apertura Tournament. He played 75 matches, scoring 2 goals for the team.

Club Atlético de Boca Juniors

Returns to Argentina's first division tournament


In January 2010 he moved again to Brazil, signing for Atlético de Mineiro.

Club Atlético de Mineiro

Returns to Brazil's first division tournament


In 2011 he went back to the team that saw his rise in the world of football, Club Olimpia, in Paraguay. Again, he helped the team become champions of the local First Division Clausura Tournament.

Olimpia Football Club

Returns to Paraguay's first division tournament, to the club that saw his rise in the world of football, Club Olimpia.


In 2012, he transfered to Club Guarani.

In 2015, he helped the club reach Semifinals in the Libertadores Cup, after 46 years.

In 2016, he helped the team become champions of the Clausura Tournament, playing a key role as the captain of the team, proving his leadership skills.

Moves to Club Guarani, where he would become champion of the local tournament.


In 2019 he went back to Club Olimpia, where he would put an end to his career as a player in 2020.

Olimpia Football Club

Returns to the club that he loved, Club Olimpia, where he would retire from professional football.



In June 2021, Última Hora announced that Cáceres would become reserve-team coach at his last club Olimpia. On 15 October, he was named manager of the club.

As Olimpia's manager, he conquered Paraguay's Supercup in 2021, Paraguay Cup in 2021 and Paraguay's First Division Clausura championship 2022.

Olimpia Football Club

Debuts as Olimpia's new coach. He then won 3 championships with the team as coach and leader.

2023–Present Day

In May 2023, Julio César Cáceres was named head coach of Football Club Sportivo Luqueño. With a proven track record of leadership and strategic acumen, Caceres leads the team with a focus on fostering talent, maximizing performance, and achieving success on and off the field.

Club Sportivo Luqueño

Cáceres was named head Coach of Sportivo Luqueño in May, 2023. He remains head coach of this beloved team to this day.

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